Sunday, January 30, 2011


I dreamt i was in prison. And from my dream to you - prison is terrible.

I got sent there because of something I did in 92-93, (I was about 4) apparently Toyota filed a suit against me and I was sent to prison in my current age of 21.

I brought my cellphone with limited battery life. and the guard was the student store lady - before we got tucked in she said "on behalf of 89.7 and me, i love you so much. put away your cellphone, the bills are expensive!" also this was limited security which means we got ten minutes of time in a hotel beds before we were sent to our prison cots.

WORRIES REALIZED IN PRISON: 1. Can't finish my film. 2. I wouldn't graduate with my class.

PROS REALIZED IN PRISON: 1. I would take up lucid dreaming. 2. Two years in prison means an endless amount of time writing something!

Here's to sleeping too much - cheers!


PS: The lodge was transformed into a prison facility. Whats my dream trying to tell me?

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A Brown Guy said...

What kind of shrooms did you take?!