Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is procrastination a sign of laziness or a like for that of working under pressure?

Since I was at CSSSA, I really haven't accomplished a "hard working project." I might casually do some artwork here and there but the rest of the time is just spent in leisure. But when I really am forced to do something with a deadline - I really get in gear and accomplish the task. Why can't I do this otherwise?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My new camera. Panasonic SDR-H200

We're engaged.
Newlyweds to be.

Put a lense cover on it.
That's what Panasonic should do.
Have ads of naked people but theres a big black lens cover on it.
And under it reads:

Put a lense cover on it.

that means tape naked stuff.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cal Arts Portfolio: Then and Now

Up top is my old portfolio from my senior year. And then the other half is my new portfolio. As much as it pains me to put up my old portfolio - I kind of have to. What's anything if it isn't embarrassing?

kill me.

Here is my current portfolio that I submitted in November of 2007 to Cal Arts. This is only my figure drawings, I also submitted a few caricatures, two mini sketchbooks, digital work and two animations done during CSSSA.

I'm in love with Levi's commercials.

It's sad because the commercials are usually spread out over a couple of years so you never notice the themes and patterns in them. They're all chopped full of enticing stuff. Here are my top choices and then some.

Here are of the more recent commercials that I'm into. All these commercials have a certain simplicity that is appealing. It doesn't throw a million things in your face.





5 Gum

6 months

Since C.S.S.S.A. I've been looking for something momentous.

California S.tate S.ummer S.chool for the A.rts

Something worth blogging for.
The more time you skip in be
tween posts, the more it seems that you have to have some grand plan - some grand post to top it off.

But this is only 6 months of lost time.

A funeral for a date set in the future.

Everytime I'd think about adding some short anecdote or anything of the sort - it just feels like I should be writing about what I've been doing and not ignoring it all together.

During my months stay at California Institute of the Arts I met more people like me than I could
ever imagine.

It's like how Billy Crystal summed up his time at Pixar. He said that the time spent there, was time spent with the most intense people he had ever met. ever.

Of course, finding people that are like you is a little daunting...these people will be competing with you in the future - if you thought you were alone you're wrong. Plus, there a people that are better than you. Keep that in mind when you feel unsuccessful. I'm a motivator.

The program encourages collaborative efforts between Music, Theatre, Creative Writing, Arts, Animation and Film/Video.
this doesn't matter.

I stayed with two of the best roommates.
one was loose and open
and the other was uptight and dirty.

uptight and dirty is applying to Cal Arts and currently resides in Minnesota.

loose and open lives in San Diego. Fortunately the Southern California fires of 2007 were both 2 miles away from our living spaces.

Our next door floormates are also. maybe. doing their thing. One is busking somewhere. One is writing screenplays in NorCal. One just got into the New York Times.

We had the best group of guys on floor 3. We had a supernatural occurrence. A series of timed gravity defying feats. We played dodgeball half-naked running barefoot. And a group sharing of the worst occurrences of our lives. Our room was window-front to the pool. The best view you could get.

the last night of the program. we set out to stay up all morning and through the day. My roomates and I screened Fight Club and Igby Goes Down. The one in the middle doesn't like to be touched - by a guy at least. He's doing a fine job of it. He'd never seen Fight Club before.

The next morning, we didn't change our clothes. We watched the sunrise. It was 40 degrees. I don't think a worse day could come.

CSSSA was in no way a time that flew past me. It makes me feel momentous while my throat drops; to even talk about the month of July 2007. I never thought I would feel regret, I said everything would be OK if I kept in contact with everyone. A momentous thing is in a time and a place that you can't ever revisit again, because it will never be the same. because it can't be any more momentous than it was back then.

You can never do your best if your best requires you to sacrifice things.

I don't think anyone has done their best. It's the way things are.

It's important to find an immaturity level that you fit in with. Heads up CSSSA 2008.

I had a great time.

I initially didn't think it was a good idea to post this. The idea of ending a sequence of events in a simple generalization - it didn't seem just. And it isn't. So this is just one long post after post.