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"The clumsily obese sans type; the blinding white background safely voiding the cutout actors of context. It's a design ploy as low brow as the films themselves--a desperate attempt to simply be recognized. They dance, jump up and down, and scream at the top of their lungs to get a reaction of any kind... since they must realize that nobody is laughing."


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Up top is just this thing im workin on, only doin stuff in cmyk...sort of.

This is an unfinished mock-up poster for a jam over at SatelliteSoda forums - minus the perspective lines. I chose the band Ohmega Watts.

I haven't uploaded anything in a decade.

Batman. But for Kids!

One of the funniest things I've seen in a long while.

Dark Knight Trailer - redone with kiddies.

The Dark Knight - Kids Edition! (wizarduniverse.com) @ Yahoo! Video

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Go watch it.

I love the lack of dialogue throughout the whole film, its very cute and warm. The use of focus is astounding. Great shit! Lots of shiny stuff!

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portraits taken at 65-70 MPH of people in cars, taken over the last twenty years.

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Adverblog did a write up about the wonderful Lacoste website. Badass.


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I saw this guy

and this guy,

(Ralph Eggleston)

tonight at the Production Art Event at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Sunday, May 11, 2008

12th Annual Marc Davis Celebration of Animation: Drawing on the Future: Mentorship in Animation

I walked out and into the lobby of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Samuel Goldwyn Theatre) on the 9th. It seemed as if I was coaxing myself into believing that I had been swept off of my feet. With lecturers such as Pete Doctor, Andreas Deja, James Baxter and a name I hadn't heard before - Eric Goldberg, I couldn't help but kick in my geek...but only because I was supposed to. Right? I plan on putting my foot in the door in the animation industry, why not get an early start and get giddy and start acting like some preteen anime fangirl?

I couldn't help but finally convincing myself that I had a sour taste in my mouth. It was hard. I wanted to believe that I was sitting before the greatest innovators, movers and shakers in the animation industry.

The panel would mention over and over again that we were sitting atop the shoulders of giants. Like we as a period of time in history will never be able to accomplish what the Nine Old Men of Disney did in their prime. That whatever we do, we will still not succeed the greats.

In a way, they're right.

The Nine Old Men and their posse will be forever unbeatable - only because they are in a set group, a set ideal made over 60 years ago.

Projectors amplified the work that the Nine Old Men did back in the day. It's all so beautiful! The drawings are fucking awesome! But I couldn't help but shudder when some of the panel would shout out "This is out of our league!" And other such comments. The panel would suggest that our goal is to just barely compare to the Nine Old Men. To be as great as they are, is where the feeling of accomplishment lies.

Not to foster innovation, not to create something new and just as appealing.

I'm sick of this ideal.

To win, you have to copy the greats? Fuck that.

You learn what you can AND MOVE ON.

What should we do when we are able to copy the greats? When we can successfully manipulate and do exactly what the Nine Old Men did back in the day? When we can shake our hands with these giants?

We're here to innovate, to create something new - and more importantly, create something that WORKS.

If we create the image of ourselves as sitting atop giants, how can we ever accomplish anything with them looming behind us watching us work?

The Nine Old Men had no reference to look towards in terms of animation. They were the first to accomplish many of the tasks telling a visual story calls for. The panel , one by one, would come up to the podium and show old clips of old Disney films and then would show clips of work that they've been apart of at NeoDisney.

Each one would then recall looking back at what Frank and Ollie did in terms of animating this or that animal or this or that sort of emotion. They'd slap on the disclaimer, "We only looked at these films as inspiration." But it's simply obvious how much we as an industry look at previous films for reference.

What did the firsts of every entertainment faction look towards for reference? These legends had only very little to reference, the rest was created from scratch. That is innovation, that is what the future is all about.

The panelists aren't drawing on the future, their drawing on the past. We may never be up to par to the Nine Old Men, but only because they are apart of a different group of ideals, of nature. We have to put all that Disney shit in a lockbox, otherwise, everything's gonna start looking the same. I may have spoken too soon.

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Holy crap! Animation created with cutout paper, make sure to take a look at the process below the animation.
Here are some great stop motion shorts made by Aardman for protecting the planet.


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If parachuting near the heart of a burning fire doesn’t sound challenging enough, smokejumpers, who combat wild fires in remote locations, must traverse over mountainous terrain, carry supplies on their backs, and be self-sufficient for multiple days. Job requirements include a high level of fitness, mental stability, and extensive safety and technical training. Long, unpredictable hours are offset by rewarding manual labor in awesome settings. Median income for firefighters is $40,000 but varies widely based on location, experience, and overtime.



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I figured its about time I remodeled this place. CANDY CANES! And the mold that grows on it!

I have some news.

I got into Cal Arts.

Character Animation 2008-2012


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Simply one of the most hilarious videos

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the only thing to wake me up at almost three in the morning.


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Cartoon Brew just posted a site with a TON of great title sequences. Very very awesome stuff.


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I kinda had a resurrection today. Since my stay in Valencia, I've been concentrating on life drawing, character design and some script writing. But sadly, graphic design has turned into the middle child - I never wanted it that way. It's not my fault!

All the movie posters, music albums and title designs; packed their bags and didn't leave the key. But since my discovery of Royksopp and their wonderful music videos - I couldn't keep myself from indulging. The Glory Days all over again, I have the most fun when I'm working with graphic design.

So I found one of my favorite title designs:

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

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Yesterday and very much of this morning was very very messed up. Yesterday Stone and I met the guy who makes Scott Pilgrim (Bryan OMalley)at Meltdown in LA. Then we went to Pen Wards Johnny Cash Beach Party - he made Adventure Time and went to Cal Arts a few years ago. Then we did karioke. My car got towed. And then one of our friends got mugged. But we had ice cream before that.

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I've getting into this band Royksopp from over down there in them there Europe. The more I listen to my music - the more I realize that I'm in love with Brit music like crazy. I caught up with this band from the Geico commercials - the first one (Remind Me) is from the caveman commercials where hes walking on the moving walking thing in airports and comes across an advert. Here's some great videos for the band:

Remind Me.

What Else is There

Poor Leno

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And the worst part about remembering your dreams, isn't that you wake up from them, its that the split second before your dream goes away and you enter reality, you think you're going to wake up in your real bed. With your real home. With your real friends. With your real parents. And that's the worst part - having to remember that you wanted to go home, all before you woke up. And that there's not a damn thing you can do about it.
Sweet Nivea commercial with a really great, super smooth beat.

Here's the full song

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some frankenstein character designs
I just had a dream where Viggo Mortensen called me while he was having dinner with is niece in Florida at two in the morning, to comment about the Oscars. We were friends.

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anyone wanna play JENGA?

things are getting tense. the pony express sucks.

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Working from Sergio Toppi

Just messing around today.

I tried some techniques that Sergio Toppi uses in his pen drawings...he's flippin awesome.

Sergio Toppi:

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Last night I dreamt Martin Scorsese was cleaning my dishes.

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Caveman Geico Commercials

I was always into Geico's absurd and quirky commercials back when they came out in elementary school. Everyone else seemed to hate them - how could anyone hate the one with two squirrels running in front of cars and then "pounding" their success at the end?
The truth is that people are retarded.

The current series of the Geico commercials have some celebrities interpreting customers' stories under Geico insurance - I'll admit, they aren't as entertaining as they used to be. The commercial series tend to fluctuate every couple of years until you hit gold - the caveman commercials.

Fucking brilliant.

Here's all of them together, my favorite is the one shot with the caveman and his disapproval with the wall advert in the airport while on one of those lazy walker things that I admit I use because they make me feel like the Flash when I'm running.

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Is procrastination a sign of laziness or a like for that of working under pressure?

Since I was at CSSSA, I really haven't accomplished a "hard working project." I might casually do some artwork here and there but the rest of the time is just spent in leisure. But when I really am forced to do something with a deadline - I really get in gear and accomplish the task. Why can't I do this otherwise?

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My new camera. Panasonic SDR-H200

We're engaged.
Newlyweds to be.

Put a lense cover on it.
That's what Panasonic should do.
Have ads of naked people but theres a big black lens cover on it.
And under it reads:

Put a lense cover on it.

that means tape naked stuff.

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Cal Arts Portfolio: Then and Now

Up top is my old portfolio from my senior year. And then the other half is my new portfolio. As much as it pains me to put up my old portfolio - I kind of have to. What's anything if it isn't embarrassing?

kill me.

Here is my current portfolio that I submitted in November of 2007 to Cal Arts. This is only my figure drawings, I also submitted a few caricatures, two mini sketchbooks, digital work and two animations done during CSSSA.