Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So after the school year ended, I've been workin on crap at home with a shitty scanner. shitty, shitty, shitty. Luckily I have stuff to occupy my time like Planet Earth (and large quantities of The Office). The Deep Sea episode is ON FIR. I decided to do some drawings of these beautiful sea urchins that were on the show. Planet Earth rocks.

Even after school ended, I couldn't leave my vespa obsession. How cool is this one? I wish I could have one to cart around whatever life I have.

This was my first sketch of a vespa that ended up turning into an underwater bike

Birds from the zoo.

OH YEAH. I ALMOST FORGOT. I started a new blog!
I decided to make a movie screenshot blog. FUNISMOVIES .

(Anybody got any good movies to get shots of? I'm lookin to do a lot more posts soon.)

Here's some shit thats ballin.


Dylan Forman said...


Ellen Yu said...

I like your sea urchins :D


rymit said...

neato! the coloring reminds me of nelsons film for some reason??

Maanav MJ Sandhe said...

yeah i remember thinkin that when i did the top left one.

can't beat em - steal their shit. :D

Elizabeth said...

bitchin' birds.

psst. If you're still doing movies you should do The Professional.