Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Caveman Geico Commercials

I was always into Geico's absurd and quirky commercials back when they came out in elementary school. Everyone else seemed to hate them - how could anyone hate the one with two squirrels running in front of cars and then "pounding" their success at the end?
The truth is that people are retarded.

The current series of the Geico commercials have some celebrities interpreting customers' stories under Geico insurance - I'll admit, they aren't as entertaining as they used to be. The commercial series tend to fluctuate every couple of years until you hit gold - the caveman commercials.

Fucking brilliant.

Here's all of them together, my favorite is the one shot with the caveman and his disapproval with the wall advert in the airport while on one of those lazy walker things that I admit I use because they make me feel like the Flash when I'm running.

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Chemical Robotiks said...

i think the make up in those commercials are done so well. they are totally what i would expect a cave man to look like. maybe a bit hairier but still, great looking caveman